fashion inspirations…

outfits, trends, make up, accessories,..i like :

the glittery make up trend…Ā obsessed šŸ˜ / the oufits on point šŸ‘ŒšŸ¾ / ash’s piiiink hair bc i looove pinkĀ / shai’s beautiful dress… sexy afĀ / theĀ most adorable shoes i’ve seen in my life i want them so bad but i probably won’t even be able to walk in them butĀ whateverĀ Ā /Ā the choker, the blouse… the whole outfit / amandla’s hair, her make up, her face and herself tbh.. and her outfit : the red top is fiiiine / my aunt’s homemadeĀ pillowcase with “african fabric” / i’m in love with theses shoes since i saw the same in one of camille’s videos (cami) / the red top once again (and melina martin bc she’s pwetty šŸ˜)


x, anne-marie šŸŒˆ


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