life goals

in the future (asap), i want to be able to…
-travel around the world (australia, new zealand, india, cambodia, vietnam, morocco, japan, norway, sweden, denmark, greece, new york, london, italy, spain, portugal, brasil, south america, canada, california, new orleans, cuba, hawaii, kenya, ethiopia, cape verde, egypt, israel/palestine, russia,…)
-get into my dream school (esaat, roubaix)
-get my diploma
-get into my other dream school (les gobelins, paris)
-get a good job (happiness, money)
-develop my art work (with or aside my job)
-come out to my family and friends
-go to my first lgbt pride
-go to a march (women march, ecology, black lives matter, human rights…)
-stand up for myself and my beliefs
-become more confident
-communicate with my family
-stay close to my childhood and highschool friends
-develop more friendships with interesting, original and positive people
-get my dream house
-have my career and life planned
-have fun and live life (go to concerts, a fashion show, museums, parties,…)
-read more
-write more
-stay creative ,grow my imagination and be more open-minded
-meet my favourite people (celebrities, singers, actors, artists, activists,…)
-become vegan if possible and inspire others to live a vegetarian life
-protect the planet
-stay healthy

and stay happy 🌈


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